Before and After School Program

Before and After School Program

Pottorf’s Haven Before and After School Program

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What we are all about….

Pottorf’s Haven is a program that offers before and after school care for students.  Hours of operation are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., year round.  If your child(ren) attend the before and after school program he/she will enjoy supervised homework time,  arts and crafts, drama, individual/team sports, computer time with educational programs, , and playground time.


We also provide daycare on non-school days including a summer program. Activities include movies, special programs, field trips such as swimming, bowling, Game                                                                                        Time, Jumping Jacks and Lakes Park. 

 Information for our Non-school days and  Summer Program  will be available in advance to allow for planning.


To provide a safe, caring and educationally enriching environ-

ment for the school age children of working parents/guardians.


The program hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


We will be open every week day except for September 2ndNovember 28th , 29th  , December,  24th, 25th, 31st January 1st, 20th February 17h, April 19th  ,  May 25th  


According to Lee County Administrative Reg. 1.37, schools may  not  extend  credit,   therefore, 
advance  payment  is required each week and is strictly enforced. Parents/Guardians are required to pay every Monday of that week.  Children will not be allowed to attend if pre-payment is not made.


1 child

Each additional


Morning only



Afternoon only



Morning and Afternoon



Non-school days




All returned checks will be expected to be paid in cash in full.  After

a returned check, all payments must be made in cash.


A late fee will be added to your day care balance any time pick up is after 6:05 p.m.  A $10.00 charge will be given for each 10minutes.  For example:  6:05 to 6:15 will equal a late fee of $10.00; 6:15 to 6:25 will be a late fee of $20.00, etc.  Lee County guidelines for After School Programs state that if a parent does not arrive on time, staff will make every attempt to contact a member of the family or persons listed as emergency contacts.  If within a reasonable amount of time no one is contacted,  one of  the  following actions will occur:

An employee can be sent to the home or work site to attempt contact with a parent/guardian.
The school principal may contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and release the child to this agency.


For safety purposes, children must be walked in by an adult in the morning .  That adult will be required to sign the child(ren) in everyday.  In the afternoon, an adult must come in to pick up the child(ren)  and sign the child(ren) out everyday. 


We are only allowed to distribute prescription medication.  The medication must be in the original container with the child’s name on it.  A written parent permission note must also be filed with the program’s director.


A healthy snack will be provided every afternoon at no additional cost.  


  1. A redirection or verbal warning will be given when inappropriate behavior (disrespect, noncompliance, physical/verbal  intimidation)  first occurs.


  2. A cool down away from the group will be given when inappropriate behavior continues after the warning (age and behavior will determine the time).


  3. If inappropriate behavior continues after the cool down is done or the action is a safety concern, a discipline report describing the behavior will be issued.  This report will be discussed with and signed by the parent. The first write up for the child is a warning. Any write ups after that will result in a daycare suspension.  After 5 write ups If a child displays severe or continuous disruptive behavior that results in 5 write ups total the child(ren) will be expelled from the program.  The child(ren) are not allowed to return to the program for that year and the years in the future.


  4. Parents will be called to come immediately and pick up any student who is displaying severe or uncontrollable behavior.


  5. Any type of physical aggression toward an adult or child may result in an automatic suspension and/or immediate expulsion from the program. 


Toys – Please do not allow your child(ren) to bring any toys to daycare.  This will alleviate many issues that may arise.

 Hats – They are allowed to be worn on outside field trips or during playground play but not in school.

 Homework – Your child will have the opportunity to do homework everyday.  He/she should be prepared and know the assignment.