Mobile Devices

Electronics/Telecommunications Devices (ETD) - Display or use of a personal electronic or telecommunication device during school hours.

 Students may possess cell phones and other personal electronic devices while on school grounds during regular school hours, however they must be turned off at all times unless utilized for an approved activity. Cell phone usage in high schools only is allowed during non-instructional time or for an approved activity.

Possession of all personal electronic devices, including cell phones, is done at the student’s own risk and the school assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, with regard to these items.

• Display or use of cellular phone or other telecommunication devices or electronic equipment unless for an approved activity including, but not limited to, MP3 players, radios, CD players, headsets or PSPs during regular school hours

Offense Elementary
First Level I (Plan 1 Interventions/ATS)
Repeated Level 1 (Plan 1) or Level II (Plan 2 Interventions/ATS/OSS) 

• Unauthorized use of an electronic device or camera to record school related events or activities on campus.

Offense Elementary All Level II (Plan 2 Interventions/ATS/OSS)

• Unauthorized taping or photographing of a disruption on campus (Fighting, Peer Conflicts, Etc.) that can be used to degrade, threaten, intimidate, or dehumanize the student involved.

Offense Elementary All Level II (Plan 2 Interventions/ATS/OSS)

• Sexting or display of pornographic or inappropriate messages, pictures or images on one’s cellular phone

Offense Elementary All Level III (Plan 3) *Consult with Law Enforcement